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Vans Warped Tour 2014


Jul 11, 2014

All Day

1 Market St #2B
Camden, NJ 08102



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The Devil Wears Prada: The Devil Wears Prada is an American Christian metalcore band from Dayton, Ohio, formed in 2005.[2] They are currently signed to Ferret Records.[3] The band derives its name from an anti-materialistic mindset as stated by vocalist Mike Hranica, instead of directly refering to the the novel with the same title.

In 2005, the band released a demo entitled Patterns of a Horizon. Their first full-length album was released on August 22, 2006, entitled Dear Love: A Beautiful Discord, which featured guest vocals from Cole Wallace of Gwen Stacy. A demo song titled "HTML Rulez d00d" was placed on the band's MySpace profile on January 1, 2007. On July 11, began to stream their song "Don't Dink and Drance". Their sophomore album Plagues was released subsequently on August 21, 2007. On a recent interview with East Coast Romper, the band states their influences are Underoath and Still Remains, which was mistaken on their official website saying the exact opposite. The band performed a cover for the rap song "Still Fly", originally performed by Big Tymers, the cover song was released on the compilation album Punk Goes Crunk. Mike Hranica, the band's vocalist, also manages a clothing company called Shipshape Roolz Clothing with which he sponsors and endorses bands. Some of Shipshape's scale money goes to charities such as Skate 4 Cancer. The Devil Wears Prada began writing and recording a new album entitled "With Roots Above and Branches Below" after the Warped Tour for a planned release of May 5, 2009. Vocalist, Mike Hranica, stated that they would add a little more production to their new album."Expect a much heavier and more epic record," he stated. Keyboardist , James Baney , also stated that their new album would be more mechanical but still containing their same distinct style whereas drummer , Daniel Williams , stated that the new album would be crazier and wilder than their previous albums. In Autumn 2008, they debuted a new song off their upcoming record while on tour with Underoath, Saosin, The Famine, P.O.S., and Person L.

Last year at Warped Tour, in San Antonio, Texas, before the song "HTML Rulez D00d" was played, a small bird was on the set near the drumset. The entire "bird incident" is captured on the DVD that comes with the re-release of Plagues, as well as Youtube. The Devil Wears Prada are scheduled to tour the US and Canada from March to May with A Day to Remember, Sky Eats Airplane and Emarosa. They are also scheduled to perform at Warped Tour 2009 and will be playing on the entire tour. On March 13, they released a new song entitled Dez Moines along with a new layout on their MySpace. And on March 26, 2009, a song clip entitled "Assistant to the Regional Manager" was leaked onto Youtube. With the pre-order of their new album titled, "With Roots Above And Branches Below", you are given the option to receive several pre-orderd packages. One including a CD/DVD/Shirt deal, also it comes with a card with a code that lets you download two new unreleased songs, "Dez Moines", and "Assistant to the Regional Manager." "With Roots Above And Branches Below" was released May 5, 2009. Since the released date, the sales to the CD have been very satisfactory landing the CD #11 on the Billboard 200 for top albums.[5]

On April 22, 2009, the song "Sassafras" was released on their MySpace page. On the weekend of April 24-26, 2009, the entire album was available for listening to on before its official scheduled release date on May 5, 2009. The band launched their official website, on May 5 2009. The website is a paid fan community with access to exclusive content, advance tickets and other member only content. The song "Dez Moines" will also be a free downloadable track for the video game Guitar Hero: World Tour on May 7, as well as the song "Hey John, What's Your Name Again?" for the video game Rock Band 2 on June 30 2009. All 11 songs of their new album, With Roots Above and Branches Below, were released on their MySpace page on Saturday, May 9, 2009. They played at the Main Stage at the 2009 Warped Tour.[when?] They played at the iMatter Festival in Elmira, New York on June 13 and played Danger: Wildman for the first time in concert.

(From Wikipedia)

Air Dubai: ......Click for Air Dubai Online Store!...... .. ........

......Easier experienced than described, Air Dubai is a bustling seven-piece hailing from the burgeoning music scene of Denver, CO. With disparate musical backgrounds and indiscriminate influences, the boys of Air Dubai have truly created something new: pure, melodic cacophony.

When vocalists Julian Thomas and Jon Shockness conceived the product of their musical aspirations in the summer of 2008, the short-lived duo underwent a rejuvenation in the spring of 2009 with instrumentalists Nick Spreigl, Lawrence Grivich, Michael Ray, Taylor Tait and Wesley Watkins rounding out the band's current line-up. The band as it exists will go on to collect several titles (including Westword Magazine's Best Hip-Hop Band, and Clear Channel KTCL 93.3's Hometown for the Holidays winner) and universal praise for their eclectic brand of spicy alternative music: always well done, but never over-sauced.

Wonder Age, their debut long player released October 5th, 2010, is the embodiment of two years of anticipation built solely upon Air Dubai's live performance. Critically acclaimed and immensely popular, an Air Dubai show is a truly unique experience – an open invitation into the passion and soul behind Air Dubai, but also simply a testament to having a good time. Both national and international publications will say that Air Dubai stands confident in delivering both.

While their impressive roster of accomplishments would suggest that Air Dubai, seasoned and frail, is reaching the bottom of their slope, the truth is quite opposite. This young band has the world ahead of them – working efficiently and successfully to catch up to it; though Air Dubai is certain to document their experiences, life lessons, and discouragements – through their infectiously tasteful music – all along the way.

..2010 Westword Magazine "Best Hip Hop Band" Winner.. - Westword Magazine....

.."Wonder Age is an outstanding-sounding album that could easily propel Air Dubai into the national spotlight, especially on the strength of cuts like "Restless Youth," "Weekends" and "Warm Days.".. - Jon Solomon, Westword Magazine (September 29, 2010)....

..With an interplay akin to that of Bruno Mars and Travis McCoy of Gym Class Heroes -- an outfit Air Dubai is often compared to, for better or worse -- the two magnetic frontmen bring their style together in a way that's both complementary and compelling. Keep a steady eye on this young seven-piece.".. - Dave Herrera, Westword Magazine (September 28, 2010)....

.."Their music feels as though it widens the speakers yet the sound isn't crowded – just perpetually blooming. Sounds intermingling like seven matches from different books ignited together as one flame with scorching heat bellowing from all sides.".. - Brent Burns, KickKickSnare (September 14, 2010)....

.."City Hall became "Sauna Hall" when Air Dubai packed a crowd in for their brand of electronic hip-hop/R&B." .. - Denver Post Reverb (June 21, 2010)....

.."(As) Air Dubai continues to find success in an ever-turbulent scene, we (can) take comfort knowing that their rise isn't based on some sort of hype created by a machine, but merely a product of their hard work, dedication and natural talent." .. - 7 Day, Colorado Music Buzz (September 1, 2009)....

.."It's going to be a treat to watch this act develop." .. - Eryc Eyl, Westword Magazine (April 16, 2009)....

.."These songs sound like they've been percolating in the imaginations of Julian Thomas and Jon Shockness for years in terms of what would make for killer hip-hop songs." .. - Tom Murphy, Westword Magazine (February 18, 2009)......

....BUY ALL OF OUR MUSIC ON:.... ........

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.. .. .. .. .. .. ....


.. ..

.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..

Mixtapes: please go to for all info, we don't ever check this!

Cute Is What We Aim For: Look for Cute Is What We Aim For on tour now with Secondhand Serenade!

The Ready Set: Why should you check out The Ready Set? Why shouldn't you is a better question. Jordan Witzigreuter has got everything going for him. He isn't just a cute face in the scene - he creates ridiculously infectious dance beats with catchy melodies that will be stuck in your head all day long. And that's not all - he is one of the hardest working musicians out there. Fresh out of high school, this 18-year-older drummer, singer, and keyboardist extraordinaire is sure to catch the attention of fans across the country - and the world - with his dedication to his music and his guerrilla-style marketing of his music.

Witzigreuter's voice could be lightly compared to that of Bryce Avary's, as well as his songwriting tendencies. The Ready Set meld electronic beats and synths along with clever and catchy lyrics that are just as catchy as thought provoking; they really have a way of telling a story. The best thing about these lyrics is they don't dwell on negativity - they are almost always very positive and upbeat, which leads to a very feel good album.


The Ready Set - "Giants" from Andrew Swanson on Vimeo.

click to see all!

View the complete The Ready Set tour schedule

ADD ME TO YOUR TOP! THEREADYSETMUSIC@GMAIL.COM! ! replace nameText with image ! ! myspace code tutorials author:Eileen

The Color Morale: A goal is a dream with a deadline. As time drags on we find ourselves more and more threatened by the regret that can haunt us if we don’t overcome our fears and formulate an attempt at the pursuit our dreams; that or we settle and deal with regret later while repeating subconsciously “wish I would/could have.” The worst element of such regret is that of a pretense nature which keeps us afraid and unable to progress as individuals, and as a whole as well. Faithlessness is the stranglehold that can plague us and keep us from seeing our talents and ambitions.

After over 3 years together we have found repetitively asking ourselves “ why am I here.“ Our goal for the next year is to combine our creative tastes in music and personality to create a synergy in our third album release that can set us apart from our typical genre. Currently we are collaborating efforts to make an album saturated with intense dynamic, calculated arrangements, unplanned diversity and most off all, honesty. We plan to explore the boundaries of our genre preferences, and breech them in an artistic, original, and creative fashion. In doing so, our faith and work ethic will reflect our progress; and in turn we will carry out a dream shared on different levels with equal visions for one sole purpose. Everyone has a purpose, everything has a reason.

MC Chris: WE ARE CURRENTLY BOOKING THE DUNGEON MASTER OF CERMONIES FALL TOUR!!! PLEASE CONTACT IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN A SHOW. SERIOUS OFFERS ONLY, NO I GOT A BOTTLE CAP AND SOME TWINE LET'S DO A SHOW IN A BARN BULLSHIT... ALTHOUGH... THAT DOES SOUND PRETTY FUN. begin transmission: my name is mc chris. i am an indie rapper. i rap about things like (things i won't mention here.) i got famous because i was on a bunch of cartoons and one featured a song about boba fett. we put out a bunch of albums (you stole them online) and people actually listened to them. things got so good i quit my dayjob and headed to the big city to take it to the next level at twice the normal cost! since then i've got to do all kinds of cool things like stay overnight at skywalker ranch, play pax, eat hamburgers at hilary duff's, be on attack of the show and npr, perform with j5, cracked out, eugene mirman, members of the state, msi, david cross and zach galifianakis. in just the past year, we've been mentioned in time magazine, timeout ny, toyfare, nintendo power, xxl, spin, wizard, stuff, the village voice, alternative press and most importantly grassroots motorsports, the hardcore sports car magazine. the coolest thing though was that i got to tour and meet my fans. all in all, they're some of the coolest people i've ever met, and i thank my lucky stars (the black rock is a comet fell to earth, it's causing the electromagnetic propeties, can't you see this?! i mean cmon all of the references to catch a falling star?! wake up!!) that they're down with my crap jams. all kinds of stuff is brewing, we're gonna be on channel four in britain soon, we're doing another very special show case of the new album on july 14th in nyc at the upright citizens brigade theater with a full run in august. this is our fourth album, it's called DUNGEON MASTER OF CERMONIES and it'll be out at the end of the summer. this year's a big year for us because we're gonna be available digitally for the first time ever meaning folks like itunes and napster are finally gonna be selling our stuff. so it's gonna be easier than ever to get mc music this fall. and our merch is gonna start making its way into stores, like hot topic. personally i like hot topic, they got those titty posters in the back or is that spencers? there's store links at our site if you want buy something or just click below and start buying all our shit willy nilly right now, lots of cheap items like patches and pins and shit on sale like girl clothes and there's even expensive shit like hoodies and dvd's for all you brett easton ellis types. thanks to everyone that's been so awesome over the past few years, we hope to see ya at a show! and on a final note everytime one of you says play supermario brothers you've just said to me, i've stolen all your music, even the songs you didn't do.

I Fight Dragons: I Fight Dragons is Chicago's finest (and quite possibly only) NES-Rock band. They have very detailed delusions of grandeur, most of which include gross misuses of Nintendo products in combination with music in the Popular Rock genre.

This February, they sold out Chicago's Elbo Room as they self-released their debut EP, "Cool Is Just A Number," which has since gone on to chart nationally at 169 on the CMJ College Radio charts, and been featured across Commercial Radio formats in Chicago, on Alternative Rock (Q101), Top 40 (101.9 The Mix), and Independent Rock (93 XRT), as well as getting into rotation on KTCL (93.3) in Denver.

They use a talking computer a lot, or possibly a talking computer uses them a lot. They were selected as the Best new Chicago band for 2009 by There are several TVs at all of their shows, occasionally showing people playing videogame versions of their songs, while the band plays the songs live on videogame controllers, and everyone's heads explode.

They played a date on this year's Warped Tour. They tend to release free music to their email list every couple weeks (but you already know, since you're on it, right?). This fall, they'll be branching out from Chicago to tour the nation for 2 months with mc chris. All in all, there are 6 of them, and at least one of them is really really cool, but they haven't figured out which one yet. It's Hari.

"I FIGHT DRAGONS is a High-Def concert experience influenced by an 8-bit video game dream world. They are both an audio and visual powerhouse to have at the club" -Brian Bender, Elbo Room Chicago Talent Buyer/General Manager

I Fight Dragons’ EP, “Cool is Just a Number,” offers such catchy hooks that “irresistible” feels like an understatement.”

The Maine: Graduating high school early is nothing for a band when you have already graduated from the school of rock with honors. The Maine have taken no classes, were given no grades, and had no teachers. Hailing from Phoenix, AZ all they had was a gut feeling that the music they were playing rocked and inspired kids nationwide. Now, riding a wave of melodic lines and infectious hooks, The Maine is making their way to your ears with their debut EP, The Way We Talk on December 11, 2007.

The Maine formed in January of 2007. After junior year, when most students look forward to slacking off as seniors, The Maine asked two members to graduate early so that they can share their music with the rest of the world. You see, seven periods a day is just seven periods too long for The Maine who can't wait to get home to write more tunes. Bassist Garrett Nickelsen honestly states, "School has never really been number one for me, I have always tried to focus on the band so I'm ready to really get this band going." Now already juggling music video shoots, recording sessions and concerts, The Maine actually had the ink dry on their record contract before it dries on their diploma.

The Maine started when Pat and Garret were sick of jumping from garage band to garage band and wanted to take their unique vision of what music should be to the big time. John, Kennedy and Jarred all had similar ideas and the band knew they had the final line up as the hits and lyrics kept writing themselves. The Maine didn't want to continue in the screamo trend that they felt was swallowing their local music scene. They wanted to create a new sound and began drawing influences from 90's radio alternative bands. Meshing styles like indie, pop and rock can sound forced, often imitating other bands without a hint of originality, but for The Maine mixing a wide variety of genres just sounds natural. Every Maine song begs for an immediate repeat.

After gathering a huge following through Myspace, The Maine played their first show in front of over 600 fans, acquired solely through word of mouth and this social networking site. Scouts from almost every major and indie record label were present waiting in line to sign them after their jaw dropping performance. Jarred loves every minute on stage, "Playing live is the reason we exist. The energy that we feel on stage is usually a result of what we are feeling from our fans. It's just us conveying our experiences and feelings through our presence, and thriving off of the response we get. Garrett adds to our performance, he has a strong way of communicating with the crowd. When we see Garret going crazy it reminds us all of why we love what we do." The Maine's amazing live performances caught the eye of Fearless Records (Plain White T's, Sugarcult and Rock Kills Kid) and booking agent Matt Galle (My Chemical Romance, Boys Like Girls and HelloGoodbye.)


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